What To Do If Your Whirlpool Ice-Maker Isn’t Making Ice

whirlpool refrigerator ice maker

An ice-maker is a wonderful addition to any set of kitchen appliances. 

Instead of always needing to take the ice tray out, fill it, try not to spill, and put it back into the freezer only to have to wait 3 hours for it to freeze, an ice-maker ensures that you always have fresh ice on hand. 

However, whether you have a built-in ice-maker on your fridge or a stand-alone unit, these convenient appliances are known to run into a few common issues that prevent them from working normally. 

Below, we’ll look at some of the most common causes of ice-maker problems and how to troubleshoot them when they happen.

Problems With Water Supply

Without a water supply, your ice-maker obviously isn’t going to be able to produce any ice. 

Therefore, if you’re not getting any ice, the first thing to check is that the unit’s water supply is, in fact, turned on and properly connected to the ice-maker. 

At the same time, be sure to check for any possible leaks behind and underneath your unit that may not be noticeable from the front. If any of the water lines or connection points have a major leak, this could be why your ice-maker isn’t working. 

Clogged Water Lines

Whirlpool ice maker water lines

Alternately, you could have a clogged water line preventing the unit from working properly. 

This shouldn’t happen all that often, but in some cases, especially if your ice-maker is built into a freezer door, the water lines could freeze up. The ice-maker itself is designed to be insulated to prevent this, but it can happen from time to time. 

So, if your ice-maker doesn’t seem to be filling with water, yet you know the water supply is turned on, make sure to check any visible water lines for ice or excessive frost. 

If you find a frozen water line, you can defrost it using a hairdryer or a heat gum. Just be careful not to melt the plastic lines.

Malfunctioning Water Valve

Whirlpool ice maker water valve

Generally, if you have a broken or malfunctioning water valve, it will cause a leak that will be noticeable. But in some cases, if the valve is only broken on the inside, it might prevent your water supply from making its way to the ice tray. 

With that said, diagnosing a broken water valve might not always be obvious. 

So, if you have an ice-maker that’s no longer making ice and you can’t figure out why don’t hesitate to contact Littleton Appliance Pros today.

If this is a common occurrence, you should contact an appliance technician, who will be able to help you diagnose why your water lines keep freezing up. In some cases, this could be due to a manufacturer defect that could be covered under warranty.

Mechanical Ice Maker Problems

Next, there are a few common mechanical problems that might be preventing your appliance from functioning properly. And while making sure the unit is turned on and that it isn’t jammed are easy troubleshooting tasks, you should probably leave to repair to a pro if you’re dealing with a broken or burned-out motor.

Ice-Maker Shut Off Arm Is In The Off Position

Whirlpool ice maker arm

Some ice-maker models may have a shut-off arm or switch that you can toggle manually, either when the ice tray is full or when you know that you’re not going to need ice. 

If your unit isn’t producing any ice, it will be the first thing to check since it’s not uncommon for an individual to turn the machine off accidentally.

Ice Maker Is Jammed

Additionally, it’s quite common for an ice-maker to get jammed, which happens quite frequently when you either have your freezer set to too low of a temperature or that you don’t use the ice-maker often enough, allowing the ice cubes to freeze together, causing a jam. 

Fortunately, if you’re dealing with an ice jam, the solution is as simple as removing the ice-maker module from the door of your appliance and giving it a bit of a shake to free up and frozen chunks of ice. 

If you’re having trouble breaking up the blockage, you might try dumping a bit of water into it, which should melt the blockage. Alternately, feel free to use a fork or knife to help dislodge the frozen chunk. 

Just make sure to be careful that you don’t chip or break any of the ice-maker’s parts in the process. 

Whirlpool ice maker jammed

The freezer is Not Cold Enough

Lastly, if you’ve ruled out any issues with the ice-maker’s water supply, but you’re still not getting any ice, there’s a good chance that your unit isn’t cold enough. 

To resolve this, refer to your user manual to learn how to adjust the freezer’s temperature. This is usually done by a control dial inside the unit itself. However, newer models may require you to adjust the temperature via the digital display. 

Either way, if adjusting the temperature still doesn’t resolve your issue, it might be time to call in the professional at Littleton Appliance Pros to give you a helping hand.

Whirlpool Ice-Maker And Appliance Repair Near You

Whether you’ve got a faulty ice-maker or any other type of appliance that’s malfunctioning, don’t waste your time taking it apart and trying to fix it. 

Not only can doing this be dangerous, but you can also cause other damages to your appliances, which could potentially void any warranties that you might have. 

In other words, it’s best to leave any major repair jobs to the pros.

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